SENG/DSSSL Environment

Note: We are reposting this original resource for people who still use and refer to it. All credits go to R. Alexander Milowski.

A DSSSL Environment in Java

Product Description

The Seng/DSSSL Environment is an implementation of DSSSL in Java. Seng uses a byte-code compiling Scheme environment to produce a DSSSL environment that is as fast as any other Java bytecode. In addition, every construct in the Seng/DSSSL Environment is able to be accessed from either the Java or Scheme programming language.



  • DSSSL SDQL (Standard Document Query Language) support.
  • DSSSL Style Language support.
  • DSSSL Transformation Language support.
  • Embedded SDQL for accessing SDQL from Java objects.
  • A reference implementation of the DSSSL Developers Toolkit.
  • SGML Grove support.
  • XML Grove support.
  • Integration into the Jigsaw web server.
  • Integration into the Serverlet architecture (Java Server Toolkit).
  • A scheme programming environment.
  • Compilation of Scheme transformations to Java bytecode.
  • Compilation of style sheets or transformations to Java bytecode.
  • Reference style exteriors for PostScript and online display.

Related Information

Architecture Overview


A beta preview was made available June 1997 containing some of the features above and may be downloaded from our website ( at that time. The final release date is December 8th at the SGML/XML ’97 conference.

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