Privacy Policy values every visitor onsite. It is for that reason that is determined to protect the email addresses, messages, and other personal information of its visitors. Such information will never be shared, posted, or sold to any website or to any third-party company. will protect and secure all the personal information of its visitors so long as the rules and engagement of this website are strictly adhered to. is able to collect information from its visitors with the use of browser cookies. These are small text files that are created soon as a browser gets to a website. uses browser cookies to store data that can enhance the visitors’ experience onsite. With the browser cookies, the visitors are able to navigate and enjoy all the features offered by this particular website.

The browser cookies are able to collect the following information from the visitors. Information such as IP addresses, time of visit, pages viewed, length of time viewed, country and city of origin, and internet service provider are revealed about the visitor. These valuable data will only be used to analyze the traffic of the website. Which, in turn, will enhance every visitor’s experience onsite.

But as previously mentioned, such kind of information will never be used, shared, posted, or sold. is determined to preserve every bit of information shared onsite. It is important to note that the browser cookies can be turned off or disabled.

This is how is determined to protect their visitor’s personal information. There will be modifications and updates to this privacy policy from time to time. It is the responsibility of every visitor to stay posted at all times. Modifications and updates on will be posted on this particular page.