State Of Artificial Intelligence 2023: Market Data, Statistics, And Trends

We dove deep into the latest stats and trends to give you the full picture of AI’s epic ride. We’re talking big moves in investments and some seriously surprising trends.

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We also have the scoop on how regular folks and users view this hot-tech wizardry.

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Let’s pull back the curtain on what’s shaping up to be AI’s big moment. Come on in and let’s break down the state of AI in 2023.

Worldwide Market AI Data And Trends

AI’s Big Leap: Zooming Ahead

  • In 2022, the worldwide artificial intelligence scene was sitting pretty at a cool USD 136.55 billion. Fast forward a bit, and we’re looking at a growth sprint of 37.3% each year from 2023 all the way to 2030. That’s some serious growth!
  • So, what’s fueling this rocket? Well, the tech bigwigs are always cooking up something fresh. They’re pushing the envelope, making waves, and getting industries from cars and healthcare to shopping and finance totally jazzed about using the latest and greatest in AI.

Source:, 2023

AI Writing Tools: Riding the Next Big Wave

  • The AI Writing Assistant Software market had a pretty solid value of USD 469.24 million in 2022. But guess what? By 2031, that number is predicted to jump past USD 1.550 billion! We’re talking a growth rate of 14.2% every year.
  • With more folks jumping on the AI writing train, it’s clear that this market’s got some serious wind in its sails for the years ahead.

Source:, June 14, 2023

AI Writing Assistants: The Next Hot Trend

  • In 2021, the AI Writing Assistant Software market was sitting at a cool USD 389.1 million. But fast-forward to 2030? We’re looking at a whopping USD 1.444 billion! That’s a beefy growth rate of 18.4% from 2022 to 2030.
  • So, what’s fueling this rocket? Well, a bunch of places are hopping on board, from schools & training centers to the government and book publishers.
  • These AI-powered writing tools aren’t just for show. They’re cranking out some quality content, catching those pesky spelling errors, and making sure nobody’s copying someone else’s work. Plus, they’re giving writers a bit of a boost in upping their game.

Source:, December 2022

Rise of the AI Writing Assistants: Market Predictions

  • In 2022, the global AI writing assistant scene was chugging along with a value of USD 359.8 million. But fast forward a bit, and we’re eyeing a number close to USD 1.022 billion by 2028. That’s a jump of 14.2% each year if we’re breaking it down. A lot of this growth? It’s thanks to folks in education, government, and publishing who are jumping on the AI writing bandwagon.
  • So, what’s this AI writing assistant all about? Well, it’s software that gets a boost from AI tech to help with all things writing. Think crafting creative stuff, catching those pesky typos, spotting copy-paste jobs, and even making you a better writer.

Source:, February 22, 2022

AI’s Big Bucks: The Future’s Looking Bright

  • Global AI software revenue is set to hit a whopping $62.5 billion in 2022. That’s a solid 21.3% jump from what we saw in 2021, and that’s coming straight from the big brains over at Gartner, Inc.
  • So, what’s all this cash going into? Well, it’s a mix of apps that have AI baked right into them (think stuff like computer vision software) and the tools folks use to craft these AI systems.
  • And for a peek into where most of the money’s going? Gartner’s betting on knowledge management, virtual assistants, self-driving cars, the digital workspace, and crowdsourcing data.

Source:, November 22, 2021

Job And Employment AI Data And Trends

AI Impact: Grads & Bosses Weigh In

  • More than half of recent grads (52%) are scratching their heads, wondering if they’re ready for a workforce increasingly dominated by AI. The grads are divided down the middle: 46% feel AI could step on their toes, while 55% are pretty confident a robot can’t snag their job.
  • Over 60% of these grads (61% to be exact) believe they have to beef up their digital game because of AI. Even more, a solid 65% are super keen to get more training on how to tango with AI in the workplace.
  • AI’s not just a buzzword for bosses either. 57% of them reckon that AI could fill certain newbie roles, or heck, maybe even entire departments.
  • Looking down the road, 68% are betting that a good chunk of their crew will need to catch up or level up their skills in the next few years because of this tech wave.
  • Turns out, nearly 59% of employers say AI’s growth has shifted their hiring lens, making them value different skills. 66% are on the hunt for those oh-so-human qualities that machines just can’t replicate. Plus, a candidate’s past work experience? It’s becoming a bigger deal in the hiring game.
  • Bosses are singing the same tune here: a whopping 79% agree that their teams could really benefit from some training on working with AI and other cool tech. And, echoing their earlier sentiment, 68% feel that a bunch of their employees will need to pick up fresh skills in the coming years, especially if they don’t want to be left in the tech dust.

Source:, July 20, 2023

Schools And Education AI Data And Trends

Tech Temptations: Teens and AI

  • Roughly 4 out of 10 teens might be tempted to let artificial intelligence handle their school assignments in the upcoming academic year, based on the latest poll.
  • But here’s the twist: 60% of these students think that using AI in this way is cutting corners. This intel is from a poll that checked in with 1,006 teens between the ages of 13 and 17. The research, done by Big Village in July, was for the nonprofit group, Junior Achievement.

Source:, July 23, 2023

ChatGPT: From Curiosity to Classroom Staple

  • ChatGPT is no longer the new kid on the block. About seven months after its public launch, it’s safe to say it’s hit mainstream. A whopping 80% of those surveyed are aware of it, says the latest poll. Parents and teachers are pretty clued in too, with 71% and 73% recognition, respectively. Students, on the other hand, lag a bit, with 67% giving a nod of recognition.
  • Here’s a curveball: Parents are warming up to this chatbot more than teachers. The recent data shows 61% of parents giving it a thumbs up, while teachers sit at 58%. The students? They’re a tad more reserved, with 54% on board.
  • Rewind to February 2023, and about 33% of students copped to using ChatGPT for school. Fast forward, and we’re looking at a climb to 42%. But teachers? They’re leading this charge. Now, 63% say they’ve played around with the chatbot at work, a rise from February’s 50%. And get this: 4 out of 10 teachers admit to firing it up at least weekly.
  • Teachers who’ve embraced ChatGPT have some strong feelings. A solid 84% believe it’s made their classes better. And a cool 61% see a future where ChatGPT becomes a big-time player in education.
  • Parents have a say too. About 64% reckon that teachers and schools should greenlight ChatGPT’s use for assignments. In fact, 28% think it shouldn’t just be allowed but downright cheered on.

Source:, July 18, 2023

The AI Trend in College: A Quick Dive

  • In a fresh BestColleges poll involving 1,000 undergrad and grad students, a tad more than half (51%) feel that turning to AI tools for assignments and tests is kinda like cheating or ripping someone off. Meanwhile, 20% don’t see it that way, and the others? They’re sitting on the fence about it.
  • A whopping 43% of college students have played around with ChatGPT or similar AI platforms.
  • Digging a bit deeper, of the students who’ve tried out these AI wonders, half admit they’ve tapped into them for assignments or even exams. That translates to about 22% of all the college students surveyed.
  • Interestingly, the majority of college students (57%) aren’t planning on relying on AI to get through their coursework. And, 31% spill the beans saying their profs, study materials, or even honor codes straight-up say “no” to using AI gadgets.
  • Yet, over half (54%) point out their instructors haven’t really talked about the use of AI apps like ChatGPT.
  • Here’s a head-scratcher: 6 out of 10 college students (that’s 60%) say their schools or teachers haven’t really broken down the do’s and don’ts of using AI tools the right way.
  • The future’s looking techy! 61% of college students are placing bets that AI tools like ChatGPT are gonna be all the rage soon.
  • Students who’ve dabbled with AI tools aren’t totally sure if their profs can spot AI-crafted work. About 31% reckon the AI handiwork flies under the radar, while one-third (33%) think it sticks out like a sore thumb. The remaining 36%? They’re kinda on the fence.
  • Interestingly, less than half (43%) of these students are convinced that these AI tools can churn out solid, trusty results. However, the majority (51%) believe the AI output can at least fake it as if a human wrote it.

Source:, March 27, 2023

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