Best AI Text Detectors For Accurate AI-Writing Detection

How do you tell if content is a human masterpiece or some AI’s handy work? It’s tricky, right? That’s why you need to use the best AI text detectors to sniff them out.

Well guess what—some pretty nifty tools are out there waiting to play detective for you. This article is here to be your trusty guide through the jungle of AI text detectors out there.

best ai text detectors

Try these new AI-powered tools:

We’ll show off the best tools that’ll help keep your writing authentic—or make sure others are keeping it real with theirs.

Article At-A-Glance

  • Copyleaks AI is both highly accurate at detecting fake writing with a 99.12% accuracy rate and user – friendly, which is great for teachers and students.
  • Originality AI can tell who wrote something – a person or an robot – and also checks how easy or hard it is to read the text.
  • GPTZero is popular among teachers because it focuses on educational content, helping to ensure students’ work is original.
  • Winston AI has a very high accuracy rate, 99.98%, making it one of the most reliable tools for spotting AI-written content.
  • ContentAtScale AI offers a free option for checking smaller bits of text, which could be helpful if you’re on a tight budget.

Best AI Text Detectors

If you’re itching to uncover the best AI text detectors that can sniff out AI-generated content like a bloodhound on a trail or ensure your words are as original as your grandmother’s secret cookie recipe—keep your eyes peeled.

We’ve got a lineup of some serious digital detectives, ready to jump into action at the click of a button …. no magnifying glasses needed. Stay tuned because things are about to get very “Sherlocky” in here!

Copyleaks AI

Copyleaks AI stands out in the crowd of best AI text detectors. With some smart tech, this platform boasts a whopping 99.12% accuracy rate—pretty impressive, right? It’s as if you have an eagle-eyed buddy who can spot fake stuff from a mile away.


Since 2015, their detection model has been learning all sorts of tricks to catch copied and AI-generated content. And let’s just say it’s aced its homework.

Heads up if you’re wondering about street cred—four studies from different sources back up Copyleaks’ claim to fame for spotting sneaky AI writings.

Heads up if you’re wondering about street cred—four studies from different sources back up Copyleaks’ claim to fame for spotting sneaky AI writings.

Whether you’re worried about someone pulling a fast one with an essay or trying to keep your own work original, this tool is like having superpowers for finding copied words!

Plus, it’s not just people talking because searches for “ai detector” and “copyleaks ai detector” are through the roof, so there must be something good cooking here.

CopyLeaks: Learn More »

Originality AI

Originality AI is like a detective for words. It can spot if a robot or a person wrote something. Imagine you’re playing a game where you have to guess who’s behind the curtain, and Originality AI is super good at guessing right!


It looks at stuff written by fancy robots like ChatGPT and says “Aha! I know who did this!” The cool part? If some parts scream “robot!” it shows you just those bits.

Now, think of your friend who always finds mistakes in your messages – that’s what Originality AI does with writing. It checks how easy or hard it is to read what someone wrote.

Plus, Jon Gillham made this tool because he wanted folks to know if humans or machines are doing the typing. So when people use Originality AI, they feel sure about who’s really talking to them through the words on their screen.

Originality AI: Learn More »


Shifting gears from Originality AI, let’s talk about a real game-changer for teachers: GPTZero AI. Teachers love this tool because it’s kind of like having an extra pair of eyes that never gets tired.


Picture this: you’re sifting through piles of essays and along comes GPTZero to save the day! It has a knack for picking out text that might not be original or could’ve been written by another AI – pretty neat, huh?

What makes GPTZero stand out is its special attention to educational content. It looks closely at language learning materials and texts used in schools. So if something sounds too much like it was written by a robot instead of your student, GPTZero will raise a red flag.

The folks over at the American Federation of Teachers thought this was so cool they decided to partner up with them! That’s big news because it shows just how much they believe in what GPTZero can do for education – making sure every word turned in is honest work.

GPTZero: Learn More »

Winston AI

Winston AI is kind of like a super-smart detective for your writing. Picture it sniffing out any sneaky, robot-like words hiding in your text.


It’s super easy to use since just toss in what you’ve got, no matter the format—text files, PDFs, you name it—and bam! This clever tool can almost always tell if a human or an AI cooked up the content.

We’re talking a whopping 99.98% accuracy score!

Now here’s the scoop – folks trust Winston AI big time to catch copycats and spot machine-generated content. It stands tall as the go-to software when you want to make sure everything is original and has that real-person touch.

Whether you’re fighting off plagiarism like a hero protecting your work or making sure what you read is legit human-thought stuff, Winston AI is on top of its game.

Winston AI: Learn More »

ContentAtScale AI

Moving on from GPTZero, let’s talk about ContentAtScale AI. This tool is a big help if you need to find out whether text is made by a person or by a computer.


Picture this—you’ve got an article and you’re scratching your head, wondering if it’s the real deal or just some fancy robot work.

Just toss it into ContentAtScale AI and bam! With a whopping 98% accuracy rate, this clever buddy can sniff out the truth in no time. Sure, it’s not perfect with paraphrased texts—that’s like giving it a super tricky puzzle—but most of the time it nails it.

Now—don’t think using ContentAtScale AI is going to be rocket science—it’s super easy to use! You won’t waste hours trying to figure things out. It’s kind of like having that smart friend who can spot something fishy in a heartbeat but doesn’t make you feel dumb asking for help.

In the world of the best AI text detectors, keep your eyes peeled for this one. Its knack for catching automated content might just surprise you!

ContentAtScale AI: Learn More »

What Is An AI Detection Tool?

An AI detection tool is kind of like a detective but for writing. It uses smart tech to guess if words were written by a person or a machine.

Imagine you’re playing two truths and a lie, but instead of guessing which story is fake, the tool figures out if an essay came from someone’s brain or a computer program.

This nifty gadget works its magic with things called algorithms. These are special step-by-step instructions that help the tool check how natural the writing sounds. It looks for clues like ‘how are the words put together?’ or ‘is this too perfect to be true?’

With all this info, it can say “Aha! This piece was written by AI!” or “Nope, this has human fingerprints all over it.”.

People use these tools lots—like teachers trying not to get tricked by sneaky students handing in robot-written assignments. And businesses? They love making sure all their content is original and real-person-approved!

best ai text detectors2

How To Choose The Best AI Text Detector

So you’ve got this sea of AI text detectors at your fingertips, right? It’s kinda like standing in the cereal aisle in the grocery store—overwhelming! You gotta pick one that doesn’t just look flashy but actually checks all your boxes.

Let me walk you through it without making your head spin (too much). And don’t sweat the small stuff—I’ll skip the boring recap and just give you the straight-up scoop on snagging that perfect match for sniffing out AI-penned prose.

Key Features

Key features really matter when picking a text detector. You want to catch that sneaky AI-generated content, right?

  • Ability to Spot the Fake Stuff. The best AI text detectors can tell real from fake. They look at how words are put together and use some serious brainpower (aka algorithms) to figure out if a human or a computer wrote something.
  • Super Accurate Hits. Imagine having a detective that’s right 99.6% of the time. That’s what you get with top-notch tools—they rarely miss an AI-written text.
  • Works Like Magic Across Different Texts. Whether it’s an essay or a tweet, these tools can handle all sorts of writing. They’re versatile and ready for any challenge.
  • Fast as Lightning. Who has time to wait? The best detectors work quickly to give you results in no time.
  • Easy Peasy Use. Nobody likes complicated stuff. These detectors are user-friendly, so you’ll feel like a pro, even if it’s your first time using them.
  • Fair Price Tags. You don’t have to break the bank. There’s a range of options that fit different budgets, so pick one that doesn’t make your wallet cry.
  • Pros vs Cons. Let’s be real—nothing’s perfect. Each detector will have its own good points and not-so-good points. Check ‘em out and see which ones you can live with.

Ease Of Use

So you’ve got this bunch of AI text detectors at your fingertips, right? Now, let’s talk about how easy they are to use. You don’t want to be stuck with something that makes you scratch your head every time you need it.

Some tools are a breeze—for instance, Copyleaks AI is not just smart. It’s also super user-friendly. Teachers love it because they can dive in without any fuss.

Now picture yourself zipping through content checks with – yeah, that’s the kind of convenience we’re aiming for! No one wants to spend ages figuring out how to run a plagiarism detector or an authenticity verification tool.

Now picture yourself zipping through content checks with – yeah, that’s the kind of convenience we’re aiming for! No one wants to spend ages figuring out how to run a plagiarism detector or an authenticity verification tool.

You’ve got more important things to do—like creating magic with words or teaching the next Einstein. Let’s keep things simple so you can get back to what matters most.

And talking about what matters, accuracy is up next on our chit-chat list.


Getting it right is key when picking an AI text detector. You want to trust that the tool won’t miss a trick—or falsely call out your own writing. Look for words like precision, dependability, and credibility in their promises.

For example, Turnitin throws around a big number—98% accuracy—to show they can spot AI-written stuff almost all the time. Originality.AI isn’t shy either. They brag about hitting over 95%.

Now, let’s get real—no tool nails it every single time with zero mistakes. Some studies show that on average, these detectors are right about 60% of the time. But then you have high-fliers like ChatGPT’s own checker and Originality AI again flaunting scores around 98-99%.

Plus, Originality says it messes up less than 2% when judging if a human or a bot did the job—which is pretty impressive!

best ai text detectors3


So, you’re thinking about how much it’s gonna cost to snag a top-notch AI text detector, right? Money matters—a lot. Some tools won’t ask for a single dime like Content at Scale’s AI detection. Yep, it’s totally free for checking out 2,500 characters each time.

But let’s talk turkey: not all things in life are free. If you’re an educator looking to keep your students honest, prices start pretty low—think just $1 per user per year. That’s less than the price of a soda!

Now, what if you’re running something bigger and need more muscle? Well, Winston AI might have what you need but it’ll set you back $18 monthly.

Sure sounds like some cash needs to change hands depending on your needs—do the math and see where your budget fits! Just remember (oops!), investing smartly in the right tool can spare you a ton of heartaches later down the line.

Pros And Cons

Shifting gears from the price tag, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty—the pros and cons. Sure, this bit can get a tad subjective, but stay with me.

We’ve got to weigh the good against the not-so-great, right? Check out the table below. It’ll give you the scoop on the upsides and downsides of employing these savvy AI text detectors.

Pros Cons
AI text detectors can be incredibly swift, churning through pages quicker than you can say “plagiarism.” Even the sharpest AI detector might miss the mark sometimes, leading to false positives—or worse, false negatives.
They’re like night vision goggles, spotting AI-generated content that could slip past a human eye. Tech-savvy tricksters could find ways to outsmart these systems …. at least until the next update rolls out.
Teachers and profs get a sidekick, helping them keep academic integrity in check. There’s a bit of a grey area—sometimes, the line between human and AI-written work gets blurry.
Let’s not forget those price points. Some detectors offer free trials or are budget-friendly. Then again, you might have to cough up a pretty penny for the more premium features.
Knowing the difference between AI and human work? Priceless for content creators and educators alike. And speaking of content, AI detectors might not always appreciate the nuanced artistry of good ol’ fashioned human writing.

Now, wouldn’t you agree that’s a mixed bag? It’s a bit like picking out avocadoes. Some are just right, others …. not so much. But we’re talking cutting-edge tech here—there’s always room for growth. Onward!

Unveil The Best AI Text Detectors To Master Text Authenticity

Okay, let’s dive in. If you’re looking for a tool to spot AI-written stuff or check if something’s been copied, we’ve talked about some top picks.

Originality AI wins big on nailing accuracy—it’s as if it’s the eagle-eye of AI detectors! And when you want something user-friendly, Copyleaks AI is your go-to with its super easy dashboard.

Here’s why it matters: keeping your work original is key nowadays. You don’t want anyone saying you just copy-pasted someone else’s hard work, right? These tools help make sure that doesn’t happen.

They can tell apart what’s written by a person and what’s made by a computer.

Maybe you need more help or wanna learn even more? That’s cool too. There are plenty of resources out there to dig deeper into this world of text detectors. Go ahead and grab one – they’re total game-changers!

So, get out there and start checking your content! Keep it real and awesome – because that’s how we roll in the writing world.


1. What’s an AI text detector?

Think of an AI text detector like a super-smart friend who can spot whenever someone uses a robot to write stuff instead of a human.

2. Can these detectors tell if something’s written by a person or not?

Yep, they’re pretty good at figuring out if it was you or a clever bot that typed up those words.

3. Do I need to be some tech whiz to use an AI text detector?

Nope, using one is as easy as pie – just copy and paste the text and let the tool do its magic!

4. Are these AI detectors free, or will my piggy bank feel sad after?

Good news! Many of them won’t cost you a dime, which means your piggy bank stays happy.

5. If I use one, will it keep my secrets safe?

Sure thing! Most are designed with privacy in mind, so what happens in the detector stays in the detector.

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