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Should You Use Cloud Backup Services For Your Business?

carbonite-business-backupIf you haven’t considered backing up your files, now is the best time to get informed about why you should. The drastic impact losing personal or business data because of software crashing isn’t a fun thing to experience, trust me, I’ve been there. It was something I thought wouldn’t happen to me because I do constant updates on my computer, I don’t drink or eat near it and it’s in an office away from the kids being able to access anything related or near my computer.

Even with all that preparation you have no way of knowing when something bad will happen, for me it was a hard drive crashing. As a writer, my free time is devoted to story writing and editing. Hundreds of stories washed away in a blink of an eye. We don’t really think about how much information is in our computer, from work related files, pictures, music and other information that is useful to you. What would you do if it just disappeared today?

The Right Backup for Your Business

There are many cloud backup services available to choose from so how do you know which is the right one? It’s not as complicated as it sounds when it comes to finding information about the right software, there are top rated companies that provide easy software to use, reliable and excellent customer service to back up your computer. Along with many reviews that can show you’re making the right decision when choosing that program.

One of the leading companies that provide a backup service and it’s certainly one of the most popular ones as well, is Carbonite. I turned to Carbonite as soon as I put in a new hard drive on my computer three years ago, and it’s been so easy to use and the sense of security that no matter what happens to my computer my files are safe is priceless. Carbonite like many other cloud backup services is easy to use, safe and it is constantly working. The way it works is after the installation occurs, it begins to scan through your important files storing them in the cloud, once it’s done scanning it will run invisibly in the background saving all future important files in the cloud.

It will backup any file, of any size; you can count on cloud backup storage for your home or business computer(s), with the ultimate encryption service available for commercial security it scans the files and encrypts them before storing them.

While it sounds a little complicated, you have an account with them and you can remotely access any information that you have stored, from any device, anywhere as long as you have internet connection. It is a lifesaver if you happen to be out of town, lost your computer and had to buy a new one, while still having to send out a report by the end of the week. I’ve been there.

One more thing that I like with Carbonite is that they offer some great discounts every now and then to their business customers. These discount are great cause it creates savings and the money I save can be used for other other business expenses. You can make use of some valid Carbonite offer code discounts  to get a significant discount on this online backup solution.

Other Cloud-Backup Solutions

Other back up providers are BackBlaze, CrashPlan, SpiderOak, and Bitcasa Infinite Drive, these online backup software operate a similar way and store the information in the cloud. Because they are similar you’ll see different options but for top of the line service and backup, I recommend Carbonite.

Do you have all your computer and business data stored in the cloud?

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